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Clean Water Initiative Project

The Manila village located tens of miles from Lake Victoria, suffers chronic water problem. During dry seasons, women and children bear the burden of walking close to twenty miles or at least 7.5 hours, with children on their back to Lake-Victoria in search of this essential commodity. During the Foundations founder trip to Africa, he witnessed women waking up 4am trekking miles just to return at 11am with one bucket of water (ndoo moja), roughly 5 gallons, and this is all to take care of the family for the whole day, and at a time for two days before they can return to the lake.

This was not an easy task to ponder considering how much we are blessed. Seeing women toil this much was incomprehensible and morally challenging. John Mashaka was forced to return to the US and amass all the effort he could to help. In 2007 with help from his co-worker and a Wachovia Executive, Catherine McKinney helped John to purchase a pump that was delivered to the village to rid them of the water problem.

Currently, the Foundation has embarked on a multimillion-dollar environmental friendly water Project. This project will be sensitive to the environment and culture. Close to 13,500 inhabitants of Manila, Mwarango, Rwang’enyi, Nyarambo, Siko, Busanga, Kigara, Nyamagaro and Abururu will be relieved of the chronic water problem that has plagued the region for so many years

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