About Us

John Mashaka was born and raised in Africa before migrating to the United States for further studies in the early 90’s. John is currently employed by one of the world largest Investment Banks based in the United States. In the year 2005, John visited Africa and witnessed what he never thought of seeing in his life. It was famine that was on the verge of killing tens of people in his home village. He returned to the United States, amassed resources, including selling his own car, and returned to help his village with food. He particularly helped the elderly, the widows and those who were unable to help themselves.

His 2006 trip dwarfed his prior experience when he witnessed women waking up 4am walking tens of miles with children on their back just to return 11am with 5 gallons of water for the day. He also witnessed children lying on their deathbed due to lack of $12 needed to pay for treatment and medicine. Since then, John’s life was changed all together and decided to return to Africa every year, taking him little things we take for granted in the United States. With 75% of his earnings, help from his co-workers and friends, he has been a light into many lives including, orphaned children, widows, and the sick in hospitals who could otherwise not afford to pay their medical bills.

In 2008, John Mashaka founded the John Mashaka Foundation (JMF), a 501c3 international charitable organization devoted to addressing basic human needs. John has been funding his projects on his own for the most part, and hopes to widen the scope by reaching to the entire humanity or whenever God will allow. John hopes to realize his dream through establishment of several projects such as a clean water project in the Mara Region, and Educational Assistance to bright students who would not otherwise afford to pay for their schooling due to poverty, as well as Economic relief to the remote villages in the Mara Region. Currently the foundation is sponsoring 22 in both primary and secondary schools.

Thank you very much, and hope you can join the John Mashaka Foundation in its effort to make the world a better place.

The John Mashaka Foundation

Our Focus

Clean Water Initiative: Water is a fundamental human need and a right to survival. It is not a luxury, and should be free and accessible to all. Every single person has a right to clean, safe drinking water. The sad reality is that, millions of people are dying daily across the world due to water related ailments such as cholera, dysentry, typhoid and so forth. Access to clean water is an essential step to a healthy living. The endless cycle of poverty the world is witnessing today is perpetrated among other things by water poverty, in which water poor communities are typically trapped in the never ending cycle of economic poverty

Lack of water, and subsequently poor sanitary conditions robs humans of their dignity; it robs children of their right to education when they misses school in search for this essential commodity of life. Economic progress on the other hand is stagnated and even lost to the impact of rampant illnesses and the time consuming process of acquiring water where it is not readily available. Many a times women and children bears the brunt of water poverty, whereby they walk tens of miles or an average of eight hours a day in pursuit of water. The Mashaka foundation’s objective is to enable human beings restore their dignity through a better living conditions.

The Mashaka Foundation and its partners are working to make clean, safe drinking water available to to more than eight-thousand residents of Manila village. A remote community in Africa. Please join the JM Foundation in this effort by making a heartfelt donation.